Serving the Geotechnical and Environmental Industry since 1977





Glacial Ridge Drilling

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Certifications & Licenses

Glacial Ridge Drilling experience ranges in bridges, roadways, cell/communication towers, railroads, refineries, pipelines, landfills, wind farms, Met Council sewer, solar, commercial building, frac sand, granite quarries, limestone and gravel exploration

Independent Soil Drilling Contractor

Glacial Ridge Drilling is an Independent Contractor that is owned and operated by Brad Ruchti.

Brad has been serving in the drilling industry for 41 years.  Striving to make your projects profitable.   

Mn/DOT Qualified

HazWoper Certified

E-Rail Safe Certified

Monitoring Well Licensed Contractor

Petrofund Registered Contractor 

3 1/4" HSA Drilling

4 1/4" HSA Drilling

6 1/4" HSA Drilling

Mud Rotary Drilling

Flite Auger Drilling

Push Probe

Wire Line Rock Coring        NQ, NQ2 & NQ3

Borehole Abandonment

3" Shelby Tube Samples

5" Shelby Tube Samples

Enviro. Boreholes

Vapor & Water Samples

Monitoring well abandonment or Repair

Installation of :

 Slope Indicators


 Pnuematic Piezometers

 Monitoring Wells


 Vibrating Wires